Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program affiliated with a professional theatre?

Staged! is a non-profit theatre company, producing professional shows on Portland stages since 2005. Staged! is a resident theatre at the nationally renowned Artists Repertory Theatre and is part of the ArtsHub

How long has the education program been around? Is it geared specifically towards teens?

Staged! began in 2005, with a strong arts education component from Day One. Designed by arts educators, our education program is built to meet the needs of teen performing artists. After 6 years of summer camps, master classes, workshops, and nation-wide research, the S! Conservatory program launched in 2013.

Is the faculty highly qualified to teach in their field, and experienced working with teenagers?

Yes! We draw from artists who are working professionally in the area and have the highest degrees in their fields. To this end, a lot of our classes are similar to the training you would receive on the conservatory or collegiate level. 

How selective is this program? Does everyone get in?

Because of the weekly time commitment and the maturity required for this high level of training, S! Conservatory is not right for every teen.

We encourage teens who want to “check us out” to sign up for a m(e)ow (musical entirely in one week/weekend) or come in with a parent and sit down with the Artistic Director for a chat.

How do I know if this is for me?

S! Conservatory students are passionate about theatre, and are dedicated to bettering themselves. They want meaty training. Are you hungry for growth? Come check us out. Meet some of our dedicated students and get a sense of whether this is right for you.

Join Staged! for a m(e)ow (musical entirely in one week/weekend)–open to all teens–and get a further sense of who we are. You and/or your parents can also email the us any time with questions, or schedule a time to come in and chat about the program: .

What is the time commitment to be in S! Conservatory?

S! Conservatory meets once a week on Monday evenings from 6:00-9:00 p.m. There are breaks for the Winter Holiday Break, generally following Portland Public Schools’ calendar. Special outings (T.O.A.S.T.) and master classes with Broadway professionals are held periodically, along with opportunities for individual coaching.

The course of study is sequential; absences/hiatuses are strongly discouraged as they diminish the impact of the program and hinder the student’s ability to progress. We believe your investment in yourself and your training should take precedence over performing in multiple/back-to-back plays. Tuition is required for the full school year regardless of a student’s attendance. Students need to apply in writing for foreseen conflicts and absences. Showcase casting is at the discretion of the faculty; one student’s absence cannot be allowed to negatively impact the ensemble.

Every student is encouraged to take regular dance classes as part of their study. A list of recommended teachers and studios with whom to study at multiple levels is available from the Artistic Director.

Will I still be able to be in my school’s theatre productions?

Yes. We recognize that many of our students are leaders in their school theatre programs and we encourage this participation. All afternoon hours will be available for rehearsals, and every night except for Conservatory nights. If you are involved in a production, you will of course have a Conservatory night off for tech/production week. Conservatory faculty will be notified in advance of any production week conflicts. The S! Conservatory is designed to be an excellent supplement for students who have leadership roles in their individual school programs; it is a chance to grow weekly with other highly-motivated and skilled theatre students from across the metro area.

What is the tuition?

Tuition is $2,000/year.

(The Oregon Shakespeare Festival field trip is also not included in monthly tuition amount.)

Are scholarships available?

Yes. A limited number of need-based and merit-based scholarships and work study arrangements are available. Our students come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, and we are committed to making Conservatory financially viable for students admitted to the program.

How will students be evaluated and given feedback?

S! Conservatory students will be evaluated twice a year, and will receive supportive, individual feedback as they progress. Office hours are available and students are encouraged to come in with questions or concerns.

When do I perform?

The focus of the S! Conservatory is process. Throughout the school year we will be building a solid grounding in technique as well as studying scenes and learning repertoire. S! Conservatory students are often asked to perform throughout the year, and opportunities for work come up. The end of the year SHOWCASE is be attended by industry professionals and theatre colleagues as well as family, friends, and theatre-goers.

There are also opportunities throughout the year to perform pieces for special guest teachers in a master class setting as well.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: please email us at
S! Conservatory is committed to diversity in its student body, faculty, and staff. Staged! does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies on the bases of race, color, creed, religion, national/ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, or political or religious affiliation.