Guest artists, panelists, and Staged! Conservatory faculty are drawn from the professional theatre world, many of whom have their terminal degree. All are committed to nurturing the next generation of artists. We are proud to have worked with the following teaching artists:
Adam Gwon, Lava Alapai, Eric Little, Andrew Bray, Kristen Mun, Linda K. Johnson, Paul Angelo, Laura Haney, Jeff George, Erin Shannon, Jimmy Garcia, Vin Shambry, Eric Nordin, Mark LaPierre, Chanda Hall, Diane Englert, Alwynn Accuardi, Darius Pierce, Claire Willett, Susannah Mars, Merideth Kaye Clark, John San Nicolas, Vonessa Martin, Lauren Bloom Hanover, Jon Quesenberry, Annie Rimmer Weeks, Ruth Jenkins, Jennifer Davies, Catherine Olson, and more.


Master class instructors are all Broadway professionals from New York City. We are proud to have hosted JASON ROBERT BROWN, SHOSHANA BEAN, RODNEY HICKS, BARRETT WILBERT WEED, JANET DACAL, and MARC KUDISCH as part of our Student Master Class Series.


Chantal DeGroat, Rob Fishel, Jeff George, Diane Englert, Andres Alcala, Debbie Lamedman


Susannah Mars, Rodney Hicks, John San Nicolas, Sara Mishler Martins, Jeff Whiting, Lava Alapai