Book and Lyrics by Gerome Ragni & James Rado 

Music by Galt MacDermot 

Produced for the Broadway Stage by Michael Butler 

Originally Produced by the New York Shakespeare Festival Theatre 

Directed by Katie McLoughlin 

August 9-August 17, 2019  

Brunish Theatre 

Staged!’s second annual S! Conservatory Alumni Production opens HAIR at the Brunish Theatre inside the Portland Center for the Performing Arts (1111 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205)- a one of a kind production that gives a directing opportunity to a young and upcoming artist to work with professional mentors in theatre and to learn what it takes to direct a full length musical. Katie McLoughlin is an alumnus from the S! Conservatory program and the young woman directing this professional show starring S! Conservatory Alumni and professional actors in town. HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical follows a group of “hippies” as they question what is means to be the youth of America.  

“The 1960s was a vast era and this show highlights the questions looming over the youth of America- how does one revolt against a system when the revolutionary idea is peace? When wanting to abstain from violence and be who you are is against the status quo, what are you left with? Denying your own identity and morals to join your own society? Or try to change the world, knowing full well that change comes slow, and you are more likely to face the consequences than see the rewards of change?” said Katie McLoughlin, director of the HAIR. “Though so much of the 1968 production is specific to its era, this sentiment is not. Young people today are facing new cultural shifts and struggles, and how to effectively rebel against the injustices we see in our society are not clear- how to help ourselves, and each other, when parts of our identities- as natural to us as the hair on our heads- are criminalized, banned, rejected, and controlled, from the color of our skin, to our sexual identity, to our gender, to the soil upon which we were born.”  

 It is too easy to look at a production of HAIR and only see its history from 50 years ago. But looking deeper, we see the struggles are not over, and neither is the revolution- and our artistic youth at Staged!, don’t plan to let that be invisible. At Staged!, we grow artists. And we also grow game changers. 


Berger: Jessica Tidd 
Hud: Charles Grant
Woof: Jacob Skidmore
Claude: Blake Stone
Jeanie: Aubrey Slaughter
Sheila: Annie Eldridge 
CrissyKealani Petito 
Margaret Mead: Kimo Camat 
DionneGabie Mbenza-Ngoma 
EnsembleAveryl Hartje, Hallie August, Ben Sherman, Sydney Heim, Moe Lewis 



Director: Katie McLoughlin 
Director Mentor: Paul Angelo 
Stage Manager: Heather Taylor 
Production Manager: Joe Rogers & Paige Rogers 
Choreographer: Diana Schultz 
Musical Director: Andrew Bray 
Cultural Adviser: James Dixon
Assistant Stage Managers: Clara King & Steven Pendleton 
Lighting Designer: Connor Ward 
Scenic Designer, Scenic Artist, Props Designer, Technical Directors: Kyra Sanford 
Costume Designer: Alana Wight 
Sound Designer: Gordon Romei 
Wardrobe Manager: Kelly McMichael 
Assistant Sound Designer:  Cooper Poole & Zach Kaiser 
Graphic Designer & Production Photos: Kathleen Kelly  


Guitar & Keys: Ryan DeHaven 
Guitar: Joseph Mammarella 
Bass: Jesika Westbrook
Drums: Justin Radford 
Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute: Ben Kelley 
Trumpet: Logan Brown  


James and Paige discussed what that looked like and created the role of Cultural Advisor, for Staged’s production of HAIR that deals with heavy topics that 50 years later is still incredibly relevantAt this event we will talk openly about our experience of creating the space in the room in a safe and productive matter that helps creatives dive deeper into the work. We will also discuss what we found successful and what to improve on. Materials will also be available to help others to engage in this kind of work as well and push towards this position becoming a necessary role in the creative process. 

Special Thanks to Ronni Lacroute, Oregon Cultural Trust, Chanda Hall, Staged! Board, Wilson High School, Lincoln High School, Caffe D’ArtePortland’5