World Premiere 
Commissioned by Staged! In 2016, with staged readings at the Fertile Ground Festival in 2017 at the World Trade Center Theatre.
Book & Lyrics by Mark LaPierre 
Music by Eric Nordin & Mark LaPierre
Directed by Diane Englert
Music Directed by Mak Kastelic
Choreography by Lane Hunter
May 3-20, 2018
Artist Repertory Theatre in the Alder Theatre


Drammy Award Winning:
Best Original Musical 
Best Young Performer: Brendan Long  
PAMTA Award Winning:
Outstanding Pit Ensemble 

Note from Writer, Mark LaPierre:

The eighties for most people were some sort of arms race involving stockpiling hair spray and shoulder pads, but for me it was a search for a place that I belonged. Multiple moves from town to town, limited social skills and non-existent confidence conspired to make a young person who was hopelessly lost in pop music, as if I could journey to my never-before-known home through the radio itself. Seeing the amazing movies of John Hughes where even the outcasts were cooler than I thought I would ever be offered a mixed experience for my escapist needs. Don’t worry –I ended up very happy, with an amazing life partner and eventually a lovely child who, as she started into her teen years, reminded me of all that I had tried to forget. In my creative return to my high school years and the decade that defined my musical tastes, I discovered far more love for the people I endlessly compared myself to than I would have imagined. In this piece, I didn’t wish to focus on the negative (though it is certainly there), but to celebrate the journey of the search for community. Speaking of community –as I’ve worked on this show, I’ve had a chance to become part of the amazing group of artists that have come together to produce this work for you. I co-wrote this show to premier here at Staged! Often, I would write a scene in the morning and have the amazing Staged! Conservatory students read it in the evening. To me, there is no greater sin than writing false words for a character to speak. All of the students helped me stay true to my goal, and were a delight to work with while doing it. It is because of the talent and the passion of every cast member and the creative team of Staged! that this piece exists. My longtime collaborator Diane Englert truly brought the fire, as did my co-composer Eric Nordin. I truly wish this could be my writing experience every time. So turn up your collar, poof up your hair, and get ready to experience life through the eyes of the teens of 1989 –where every moment was lived To the Max! 


Samantha: Lavina Martin-Weber* 
Amy: Kaylee Bair* 
Mom/Madame: Lisamarie Harrison 
Real Geniuses 
Kyle: Brendan Long 
Seth: Martin Hernandez* 
Lloyd: Aidan Tappert 
Debbie: Celia Straub* 
Tiffany: Sydney Heim* 
Lark: Jacob Skidmore* 
Valory: Lily Gleason 
Jake: Jackson Wells 
Bunzy: Isaac Smith* 
Alex: Chandra Maya Dehnert* 
Tina: Mikaela Ochocki 
Kevin/Dance Captain: William Duff* 
Nietzche: Sierra Kruse 
Sartre: Steven Pendleton* 
Camus: Callie Sahli 
Yearbook Elite 
Brynn (Muso): Tirza Meuljic 
Prinz (Model): Anna Meyer  
Louden (Vision Quester): Clayton Lukens 
Jett (Rebel): Miette LaPierre 
Announcer Voice: Hudson Hale  
*Staged! Conservatory Student/Alumni 


Director/ Dramaturg: Diane Englert 
Choreographer: Lane Hunter 
Musical Director: Mak Kastelic 
Stage Manager: Heather Taylor 
Assistant Stage Manager: Vanessa Elsner 
Lighting Designer: Ian Anderson-Priddy 
Scenic Designer: Demetri Pavlatos 
Costume Designer: Emily Horton 
Sound Designer: Rory Breshears 
Sound Operator: David Petersen 
Properties: Fanny Kromminga 
Wardrobe: Yasmin Wigfall 
Set Crew: Dietrich Burmester, Zachary Goldsmith, Paul Hargrave 
Marketing: Trisha Mead 
Graphic Design: Folklore Media 
Photography: Gary Norman & David Kinder


Bass: Dominic Casciato 
Percussion: Alec Maier 
Guitar: Kyle Smith 
Keyboard: Mak Kastelic 


Miller Foundation 
Ronni Lacroute  
Anonymous (3) 
In Loving Memory of Hedy Englert-educator, performer, and friend by Anonymous 


Ainsworth House, Alyssa Rands, Brent Hall, Kevin Taylor, Chris Balo, Greg Tamblyn, Tom Cilluffo, Margaret Hayes, Lakewood Theatre/Addie Underwood, Coho Productions, Portland Playhouse, Lake Oswego Jr. High School Drama Dept., Saints Peter & Paul Episcopal Church, Robyn Barbon/Folklore Media, Ron Anderson, Artists Repertory Theatre staff, Steven Cantor, All the students who participated in workshops of 1980’s TeenMusical (Fertile Ground 2017, Summer 2017)