Music by Duncan Sheik 

Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater 

Based on the play by Frank Wedekind 

Directed by Melissa Myers 

Choreography by Sacred Kalenhaler 

August 2-August 11, 2018  

Artist Repertory Theatre 


Thank you all for coming to the Staged! Alumni Production of Spring Awakening. This show was originally set in late 19th century Germany, but through this process we discovered how important and relevant it is to us today. This show explores teen sexuality and coming to terms with who you are. It highlights the importance of standing up for what you believe in, even in the face of adversity. It showcases a world where the children and young adults are the future, yet they are disregarded and not listened to – not unlike our world today. Our production was performed, directed, and choreographed by young adults, who have brought these characters to life and allowed their passion and voice to be heard. Our show touches on some dark and difficult subject matter. The audience will see stories and people they recognize in this show, and we’re hoping that this will start some conversations within our communities. This show sheds light on many issues that are generally overlooked in our society (mental illness, suicide, teens discovering their sexuality and being accepted). It is important for us to tell these stories and learn from them. To see what these people on stage go through, to recognize these struggles in our own lives, and to keep it from repeating. This cast has been absolutely incredible. Every single person is a truly compassionate, loving, and talented individual, and we owe most of that to Staged!. They do a wonderful job of teaching us to be individual artists, but also teach us how to work well with others. Throughout the past few weeks we have all grown so close as an ensemble. I love every person involved in this process, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them. I love you guys. Finally, theatre would not be possible without a live audience, so thank you for coming and showing your support. Please continue to support Staged! Staged! has given me, everyone involved in this show, and many others, infinite opportunity to explore all aspects of theatre, and none of us would be the artists we are without them. This show would not be possible without them. If you can, please consider donating to this wonderful company so that more productions and opportunities like this one can continue to happen. Once again, thank you so much for coming. Enjoy the show! 


Wendla: Sofia Vilches 
Martha: Lauren Steele 
Thea: Celia Straub 
Anna: Annie Eldridge 
Ilse: Ronni Lee 
Melchior: Isaiah Rosales 
Moritz: Paul Harestad 
Hanschen/Rupert: Jon Matter 
Ernst/ Reinhold: Jerod Packard 
Georg/Dieter: Jacob Skidmore 
Otto/ Ulbrecht: Isaac O’Farrell 
The Adult Women:  Jessica Hirschhorn 
The Adult Men: Heath Hyun Houghton 



Director: Melissa Myers 
Choreographer: Sacred Kaltenhaler 
Director Mentor: Paul Angelo 
Choreographer Mentor: Erin Shannon 
Musical Director: Andrew Bray 
Music Directing Apprentice/ Conductor: Miette LaPierre 
Stage Manager: Heather Taylor 
Lighting Designer: Allison Blaine 
Lighting Design Mentor: Mark LaPierre 
Scenic Designer: Demetri Pavlatos 
Costume Designer: Heather Nunn 
Sound Designer: Gordon Romei 
Sound Design Apprentice: Cooper Poole 
Wardrobe: Sydney Heim 
Set Crew: Bailey Chance & Clair Hambuchen  
Playbill/Poster Design: Maya Barbon 
Promotional Photography: Salim Sanchez 
Production Photography: Alaina Kuehn 
Producer: Chanda Hall 
Assistant Producers/ Marketing/ Prop Design: Maya Barbon, Marilyn Blakewood & Ben Sherman 


Conductor: Miette LaPierre 
Cello: Emma Downing  
Bass: Elijah Graf 

Violin/Guitar II: Henry Hakanson 

Viola: Edmund Hsu 

Drums: Cameron Olson 

Guitar I: Carter Pearce 

Viola: Shania Watts 


Heartfelt Thanks to Ronni Lacroute for her support of Staged! and this production. Thank you, Ronni, for believing in young artists.  

Thank you to the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the Mary Brand Award/Portland Civic Theatre Guild for their support of this production.  

Special Thanks: Alyssa Rands, George Fox University, Diane Englert, West Hills Friends Church, Wilson High School- Jamie Miller, Lincoln High School-Jim Peerenboom, Natalie Heikkenen, Lisa Fratianni, Margaret Grove, Eric Nordin, Mak Kastelic, Dave Cole, Ann Brown, Paige & Joe Rogers, Valery Saul, Robyn Barbon, Kristen Mun,  

Artists Rep- Christina DeYoung, Karen Rathje, Dave Petersen